Clare + Gareth

Clare + Gareth

Clare and Gareth’s was one of those weddings that has been a while in the making – it was one of my first bookings just after I started out and also one that I was most looking forward to. I’d met Clare and Gareth for a quick drink to discuss the day and they told me of the details that makes them and their wedding so beautiful.

One of my favourite of these details is the Beetle in the photos, which is a very personal project Gareth has been working on for quite a while. It originally belonged to his family but was sold. Years later Gareth tracked it down, bought it back and started work on the renovation, with the promise to Clare that this would be the car they would use on their wedding day.

The day finally came to life in all its retro, East End glory a few weeks back and I loved every second of it. The venue was the amazing Stour Space, (which Clare tells me does the best breakfast in London!) a mix of café and modern exhibition space that’s a stone’s throw from the Olympic Park. As promised Clare and Gareth arrived in the newly renovated beetle, drove straight in the double doors and parked up in the middle of the room, where their champagne was waiting. What an entrance!


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