Some of our favourite stories

Jessica + Sandeep

After Jessica and Sandeep’s English countryside civil ceremony on the Monday, I was really excited to see them again and shoot their Indian wedding…

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Emma + Tom

2014 has been an epic year at Story + Colour and I couldn’t think of a better way to end it than with Emma and Tom’s beautiful barn wedding…

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Lydia + Andrew

After shooting their engagement shoot, it was a understatement to say I was looking forward to Lydia and Andrew’s wedding…

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Thanks so much for everything – the engagement shoot in Paris, the invites and all the photos on the wedding day, they’re everything we could want and more. You have both made the whole experience great and we are so pleased! Cat + Oli

I can’t tell you how many hours of office time I’ve spent looking at the photos over and over again. They’re so beautiful. I don’t know how you managed it – probably those genius powers of yours – but even the pictures of my parents’ tiny study (that small, messy space) looked gorgeous. We are so impressed by your sharp eye for perspective, sentiment, detail and movement. Katie + Henry

Going through the pictures feels feels like I’m watching our day in a picture story book! You managed to catch so many lovely things, and most of the time we had no idea you were clicking away.  I was filled of emotions last night, and had a good giggle at some of the pictures! Emma + Tom

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