Good, London engagement shoot locations shouldn’t be hard to find but it can be hard to decide which one you like best. I find a lot of my couples know they want a shoot long before they know where they want to shoot. There’s lots to think about, do you want a location that has meaningful significance or just some kick-ass photogenic backdrops?

To help you with the decision we’ve provided you with a list of 10 awesome London engagement shoot locations. There are some great locations here but if nothing quite takes your fancy, it should at least give you some ideas for the style you may want to go for. Enjoy!

Alexandra Palace

I’d heard of Alexandra Palace before but had never actually been, and since my first shoot there, have only ever been back for work and sadly never for fun! Something I am constantly planning to remedy, but have never quite achieved.

It’s such a great location for photography! It has amazing views of London, a boating pond, a small fun fair, amazing architecture, lovely green picnic areas and loads of little nooks and crannies to compose your creative snaps.

It always feels like you have enough space to shoot and wander around without feeling distracted and embarrassed. There’s also enough location and backdrop variations to get a great selection of photos.

Hampstead Heath

One of, if not London’s biggest park! I don’t think I’ve ever been to Hampstead Heath without getting lost or becoming completely disorientated and ending up in another suburb of London!

There’s a mix of wild forest, swimming ponds and grassy hills with stunning views over London. It’s a great place to just wander around, chat to each other and grab a shot here and there when the location strikes!

Hampstead Heath is London’s less manicured park so whilst its rougher round the edges it has a natural, breath of fresh air feel about it, and is definitely the park I’d visit to destress and free up some much needed headspace.

Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden

This little square of old London is hidden amongst the huge, towering blocks of London city. So whilst there is the beautiful crumbling ruins of an old church to shoot around, you can also get a nice contrast, shooting against the modern skyscraper architecture across the road.

Saint Dunstan always reminds me of the film Return to Oz, except not as terrifying and with more ham sandwiches being eaten on near by benches. If you’re in London and you’re not sure where to shoot this place is a no brainer. You won’t be disappointed.


Greenwich is a popular choice for my couples for both engagement and family shoots. Ok, maybe giving a whole town as location is cheating and not helpful but whenever i shoot there I’ve always shot as many areas of Greenwich as I can. There’s such a great selection of backdrops and locations, you really do end up racking up the miles by the end of your shoot.

The route normally consists of the top of Greenwich Park near the Observatory, yet another location with beautiful views of the London skyline. From there, you have the winding paths through the park to the Naval college with its grand imposing architecture. If that’s not enough you then have the market and Greenwich High Street with the Cutty Sark sitting on the bank of Thames as a great place to collapse and grab a drink at a near by pub.

Trinity Buoy wharf

If you’ve read any of my other blogs you’ll know I’m a massive Trinity Buoy Wharf groupie! It is a photogenic hub of creativity, full of colourful backdrops and fascinating installations. So, you’ll not only get some great pictures but you’ll learn something as you go.

Trinity Buoy Wharf feels like a film set with random props and scene set up for you to use as you wish, perfect for photography. There are tons intersecting walkways, varying sized backdrops, arty typography and graphic design scattered through out and industrial warehouse spaces, that could easily be the location for Justin Bieber’s latest Tik Tok music video.

It is a little hidden away but is only a short taxi ride from the nearest Tube station. You can easily shoot a good two-hour engagement shoot here and once you’re done you can visit the Wharf’s residential café or the American Diner for a nice bite whilst you wait for your taxi back home.

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